The Arusha Catholic Department of Health supervises 1 Central Pharmacy (Trinity Pharmacy), 3 Hospitals, 7 Health Centers and 13 dispensaries. There are 5 staff in Health Department main office and 6 at Trinity Pharmacy including a Registered Pharmacist.

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Archievement of the planned activities

  • Participate in Health facility Governing Committee meetings of the three Hospitals quarterly
  • Organize and conduct training on Covid-19. Prevention measures to all health facility Staff, Lay Apostolate Council and primary health care committee in 22 parishes / ward .
  • Successfully secured a Covid-19 project though which the department received medicines and medical equipment totaling Tsh. 56,309,100 / =, Training funds Tsh. 27,100,000 / = and salaries Tsh. 36,000,000/=. The salaries were distributed to SEHA Tsh. 19,000,000/=, Mtowa MbuTsh.10,746,000/= & Digodigo Health Centre Tsh. 6,054,000/= respectively for three months of January to March 2021.
  • Health department also received Tshs.  92,137,000. from Canada.
  • Organize and participated in Training on minutes writing to health department staff in March 2021
  • Two hospitals ,SEHA and Endulen have prepared their three years Strategic Plan.
  • Supervision construction sites of Digodigo & MtowaMbu health centres which are  now at the finishing stage as shown in the pictures attached.
  • New Lembapuli dispensary at Kijungu – Kiteto construction is in final Stage.
  • Supportive supervision visits were done quarterly in 23 health facilities and monitoring of past

        Covid-19 Training

  • Debt crisis of PAYE, NSSF, WCF of St. Elizabeth were addressed at different levels.
  • External Auditing of the Department of Health including Trinity Pharmacy has been completed, waiting for a final report from Auditor.
  • Participated in the development of a Memorandum of Understanding with our Pro-Watschinger and Dr. Herbert Fonds”.
  • Covid-19 Project was successfully achieved in part of the project that we will receive 50,000 Canadian dollars equivalent to Tshs. 80,000,000/= for purchasing medicines and protective equipment.
  • Two meetings were conducted at Mtowa Mbu with all health workers two Priests, and Parish Executive Committee was the issue of no salary to health workers for eight months due to inadequate patients

Resolutions found will be sent to our Archbishop for action.  Health workers were encouraged

to improve their customer care and were provided with medicines worth 1,000,000/=

  • Ad hock Stocktaking was conducted at Trinity Pharmacy
  • Advocacy on Covid-19 and Prevention of Non communicable diseases were conducted to Chancery Staff. A letter was written to all Health facilities to conduct advocacy to the community and take all necessary precaution to their health facilities.  They were reminded to follow Ministry of Health guidelines.

Health facilities

  • Nutrition Education to mothers were conducted during RCH clinics
  • Reproductive Health and Antenatal Care were conducted in all health facilities among pregnant mothers and under-fives.
  • Awareness on communicable and non-communicable diseases were raised in 23 villages, wards Family of God, all priests and Pastoral council in third quarter. Early health seeking behavior were emphasized.
  • Collaboration with government authorities Enhanced in all levels
  • Advocacy on Health insurance were conducted in Family of God, all priests and Pastoral


  • Register of non-current assets were available in all health facilities
  • Training of health workers on management to ensure continuity of health services were

   conducted of which included financial management training.

  • Health facilities have been assisted to achieve Big Result Now (BRN) requirements during supportive supervision visits.
  • Sustainability of Health facilities have been emphasized during meetings and reminded by


  • Health facilities (Wasso, Endulen, Simanjiro, MtowaMbu, Digodigo, Tumaini, Patrick Peyton have undergone construction whereby, Canosa and Sinon is major rehabilitation and renovation at  Baraa
  • Proposal for Construction of St. Elizabeth Hospital is ready waiting to be sent to donors.
  • Government have provided Basket Fund and Receipt in kind (Medicines & Medical Supplies

   to the three hospitals, Mary Mother of the Church Health Centre and Muungano Dispensary


Health Department

  • Trinity Pharmacy is the only source of income to Health Department
  • Inadequate Capital at Trinity Pharmacy to satisfy the requirements of the Health facilities and  

   insufficient income to pay staff salaries.

  • Excessive debt owed by Suppliers of medicines& medical supplies and our customers.

Health Facilities

  • Inadequate fund to run their facility thus resulted debts in salary, NSSF, PAYEE, WCF and
  • SDL especially Mtowa Mbu Health Centre.
  • Poor condition of buildings in some of the Health facilities i.e. Holy Ghost, Digodigo, Olkokola and Komolo. Elizabeth does not have ICU, quality theatre, emergency medical department, diagnostic building and equipment.
  • Inadequate Health Care providers in health facilities especially Endulen Hospital, Mtowa

   Mbu and Mary Mother of the Church, Digodigo and Simanjiro Centres.

  • Health Centres and dispensaries have not prepared their Strategic Plans.
  • None of our health facilities has Charitable status including Trinity Pharmacy

Non-compliance to contribution to CSSC, TEC, PHAB and Health Department

Future plans for 2021

  • . Health Department

    • Increase Trinity Pharmacy capital from Tsh. 208,333,602.53 to Tsh. 1,000,000,000 by 2023;
    • Writing Proposal to different Interested Donors
    • Build up sustainability project by continuing borrowing funds from AADRO


    • Monthly and adhock stocktaking were done at Trinity Pharmacy as internal control
    • To increase customers at Trinity Pharmacy by;
    • selling medicines and medical supplies at the lowest prices as well as providing

             Excellent customer service.

    • Marketing; Continue to introduce Trinity Pharmacy to other Church facilities and

             other health facilities and Pharmaceutical medicine stores.

    • Department will follow up implementation of issues addressed above and assist Health

       Facilities to prepare their Strategic plan.

    • Conduct meeting with Education Department on issue of compliance to health contribution

       to Tanzania Episcopal Council (TEC), Christian Social Services Commission (CSSC), PHAB       

       and Health Department

    • Review Archdiocesan Health Policy.

Health Facilities

  • Proposal write up to improve our health facilities
  • Follow up implementation of Health Strategic planning to all health facilities
  • Follow up of Covid- 19 implementation status at the facility level
  • Health facility management to prepare and implement their sustainability strategies

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