The Education Department is head by Sr. Regina Namagheri the Education Secretary, who coordinates/supervises and Inspects education Institutions in the Archdiocese of Arusha, in close collaboration with the Archdiocesan School inspectorate Team; being guided by the Education Policies of the Government and the Church. The Department has the Board under the Chairmanship of His Grace Archbishop Isaac Amani. The Education department saves a number of education facilities owned and managed by the Diocese, Religious Congregations and Parishes as elaborated hereunder in:

Total number of Archdiocesan education facilities 82

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1.1 Archievement of the Department

Eight secondary schools have both Ordinary Level and Advanced Level. These are; Edmund Rice Secondary school, St. Theresa of the Child Jesus Secondary school, Henry Gogarty Memorial Secondary school, Star Secondary school, St. Joseph Ngarenaro Secondary school, USA Seminary, St. Mary’s Duluti Secondary school and Suma Engikaret Secondary school.

1.2 Board meetings

The Board meetings was conducted in Edmund Rice Secondary school as scheduled and important issues were discussed such as staff salaries, conflicts between the staff and school Administration, as well as unfaithfulness noted at the Accounting Office.

Furthermore, St. Theresa of the Child Jesus Secondary school held the Board meetings, in which they discussed issues of Academic performance, indiscipline issues among some students and financial constrain which led to the retrenchment of some staff members.

In addition, St. Joseph Ngarenaro Secondary conducted the Board meetings as planned and among other issues discussed, was about staff contracts, income generating Projects and phasing out Form Six Level at the end of 2021. Besides that, Dalzon Girls Secondary school conducted the Board meeting as per their schedule and among other issues discussed were; staff contracts, staff salaries, and new strategies of soliciting funds for school development.

Finally, Arusha Catholic Seminary had the Board meeting twice this year and discussed issues pertaining to school development, issues including construction of the new Chapel, new classes as well as the construction of the temporal building for the prayers.

1.3. Education facilities inspection

Twelve Archdiocesan Education facilities were inspected using Quality Improvement Assessment tool. These were: – Precious Blood Girls Secondary school, Henry Gogarty Memorial Secondary school, Tengeru Boys Secondary school, Holy Ghost Fathers Secondary for the Deaf, Holy Ghost Fathers VTC, Edmund Rice Secondary school, St. Theresa of the Child Jesus Secondary school, St. Joseph Ngarenaro Secondary school, St. Mary’s Duluti Secondary school, Star Secondary school and Pieralba Pre & Primary school.

1.4. Zonal examination & seminars

The Archdiocesan schools participated in CSSC Zonal Joint Examinations and the performance was good.

Competence based Seminar was conducted at Peace House Secondary school and 46 teachers attended. In regard with this, they covered the topic on Orientation of the New Competence Based Curriculum, new Format of Lesson Plan Preparation and schemes of work.

The Archdiocesan Heads of Schools attended a Seminar on data entry into CSSC Data system, which has enhanced easy access in obtaining data from different schools in terms of student’s enrolment, staff qualifications and academic performance Zonal wise.

Academic performance has improved in both internal and national wise.

Division attained by schools in 2020

Observations; The table above indicates total number of the Archdiocesan students who sat for Form Four National Examinations in 2020 as 1,145. Out of these, 660 scored Division One; 323 division two; 124 division three; 37division four and 01 scored division Zero. In this regard majority of the students scored division one, followed by division two and three. Minority scored division Four and one student failed the examinations. Finally, the candidates who qualified for Form Five were 1107 only.

For more information find the attached document containing Form Four National Examination Results NECTA 2020 (Appendix 1)

1.5 Joint School Assessment Report, September, 2020

This report intends to inform Bishops, Manager and head of school and other stakeholders about the success and challenges faced by the following schools:

  • Theresa of the Child Jesus Secondary school
  • Pieralba Pre& Primary School
  • Star Secondary School
  • Francis VTC
  • Precious Blood Girls Secondary School
  • Henry gogath Secondary school
  • Tengeru Boys Secondary school
  • Joseph Ngarenaro Secondary school,
  • Holy Ghost VTC


The Methodologies used to collect information were observation to some of teaching documents, administrative document, and Finance and Procure documents, structured interview to Head of school, Head of Academic Department, some Teachers and school Accountant. Also questionnaire was administered to them. During the Monitoring it was observed that, these school face several challenges, which various from the governance, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, provision of quality Academic, School relationships and Student Welfare. Furthermore, the team suggested measure to be taken in order to eliminate the observed challenges and to improve the provision of Education. Hence, the team took one day to collect various information from each school and the focus areas during the assessment were on School Governance, School Financial Management, Human Resources Management, Academic implementation, School Infrastructures and Social Welfare.

For more detailed information find the attached document (Appendix iii)

1.6. Challenges:

Among other issues observed in the Archdiocesan schools includes lack of commitment among Heads of schools in terms of submission of Education contributions yearly. Hence some of them are very reluctant until they are reminded several times on their responsibility towards the sustainability of the Education Department. Furthermore, four schools did not take part into CSSC Zonal Joint Examinations namely; St. Elizabeth Secondary school, Dalzon secondary school, Suma Engikaret Secondary school and USA Seminary.

1.7. Way Forward:

The Heads of schools, owners and Managers were sensitized on the importance of contributing towards the sustainability of the afore said Department. Also the schools which had not participated in CSSC Examination were sensitized and now they are participating fully in the Archdiocesan

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