AAIDRO is comprised of Health department, Education department, Preschool program, St. John Paul II Rehabilitation Centre, Women in Development (WID GAD) also Emergency and relief projects.


Years of Experience

As stipulated in the 2019-2023 Strategic Plan, all her organizational work in her targeted areas of operations, is guided by the core values of the Archdiocese of Arusha, namely, love, righteousness, unity, service, justice and peace, respect, protection and integrity of life, transparency, accountability, and creativity.

AAIDRO has always been committed to empowering communities to access affordable and high quality services by designing and conducting interventions aimed at improving livelihood security, humanitarian services and disaster management to leveraging of community assets within mapped areas of project operations. Given the high prevalence of growing risk of covid 19 pandemic transmission in her identified areas of operation, AAIDRO is fully engaged in combating these global health threats through community awareness, health care government regulations compliance, education and behavioral change best practices program.

Education Department

The Education Department is head by Sr. Regina Namagheri the Education Secretary, who coordinates/supervises and Inspects education Institutions in the Archdiocese of Arusha, in close collaboration with the Archdiocesan School inspectorate Team;

Preschool program

Preschool program of operation is Monduli, Longido, Simanjiro, Arusha and Meru districts. The program has been playing a key role of working hard to meet its objectives in providing opportunity to the targeted group of children

St. John Paul II

We thank God that despite the difficult situation worldwide during the Covid 19 pandemic the centre was open and continues providing rehabilitation services to persons with disabilities.

Women in Development (WID GAD)

The WID/GAD programme is one of the development programmes in Arusha Archdiocese, which dealt specifically with women development project and gender related interventions.

Healthy Department

The Arusha Catholic Department of Health supervises 1 Central Pharmacy (Trinity Pharmacy), 3 Hospitals, 7 Health Centers and 13 dispensaries. There are 5 staff in Health Department main office and 6 at Trinity Pharmacy including a Registered Pharmacist.

Empowering Communities

AAIDRO is equally involved in empowering communities to fight against other infectious diseases, including malaria and waterborne diseases and now covid 19 pandemic. Her interventions are aimed at information dissemination and awareness creation, treatment and reduction of diseases prevalence, improvement of socio-economic development and advocacy on gender equality in her areas of operations.

Currently is guided in achieving its priorities and operations by the 2019-2023 Archdiocese of Arusha Strategic Plan, 2020 Organizational Capacity Audit recommendations and other newly updated governance manuals on financial regulations and Human resource. But it also strives to joining hands with global development priorities by focusing its organizational program strategies on addressing the global sustainable goals

1: Poverty Eradication

2: Hunger Eradication

3: Affordable and Clean Energy,

4: Gender Equality

5: Eonomic growth

6: Affordable and Clean Energy

7: Life on Land

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