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AAIDRO is comprised of Health department, Education department, Preschool program, St. John Paul II Rehabilitation Centre, Women in Development (WID GAD) also Emergency and relief projects.

AAIDRO Departments

AAIDRO is comprised of Health department, Education department, Preschool program, St. John Paul II Rehabilitation Centre, Women in Development (WID GAD) also Emergency and relief projects.

 As stipulated in the 2019-2023 Strategic Plan, all her organizational work in her targeted areas of operations, is guided by the core values of the Archdiocese of Arusha, namely, love, righteousness, unity, service, justice and peace, respect, protection and integrity of life, transparency, accountability, and creativity.

Years of Experience

From Executive Director’s Desk

As I reflect on the past year at AAIDRO, I am filled with gratitude. I am grateful for you and each of our partners who make our work possible. My gratitude for the Archdiocese leadership, our department, program and project managers, the board of governors, the staff and community partners as immense as they are at the heart of our mission.

Despite so many onset challenges in the past years presented by covid 19 pandemic, adverse effects of global change of climatic conditions, inadequate financial resources, some international development partners rapid shift of policy framework etc we have managed to remain firm in embracing our mission of implementing development processes through our programs and projects to a number of underserved community partners empowering them to be sustainable. Our success story as an Archdiocesan development non-governmental organization is rooted in our firm determination to turn each challenge especially challenges confronting our community partners and adverse situations encountered in the process of implementing our projects into productive opportunities and strength that give rise to hope and transformative change for our target local projects populations. This has always been our legacy as well as our dedicated mission. Our long-term professional experiences in project implementation offer us an added advantage to do even better as we move to the New Year guided by renewed hope, vision and mission. Our plan is to match our experiences with opportunities engendered in success. In this, we draw a lot of strength and inspiration from the renown critical hermeneutist philosopher (Paul Recour) who emphatically calls us in our development endeavors to often forge the pragmatic wisdom of matching the “The Space of Experience with the Horizon of Expectation”.

AAIDRO Departments

Education Department

The Education Department is head by Sr. Regina Namagheri the Education Secretary, who coordinates/supervises and Inspects education Institutions in the Archdiocese of Arusha, in close collaboration with the Archdiocesan School inspectorate Team;

Preschool program

Preschool program of operation is Monduli, Longido, Simanjiro, Arusha and Meru districts. The program has been playing a key role of working hard to meet its objectives in providing opportunity to the targeted group of children

St. John Paul II

We thank God that despite the difficult situation worldwide during the Covid 19 pandemic the centre was open and continues providing rehabilitation services to persons with disabilities.

Women in Development (WID GAD)

The WID/GAD programme is one of the development programmes in Arusha Archdiocese, which dealt specifically with women development project and gender related interventions.

Healthy Department

The Arusha Catholic Department of Health supervises 1 Central Pharmacy (Trinity Pharmacy), 3 Hospitals, 7 Health Centers and 13 dispensaries. There are 5 staff in Health Department main office and 6 at Trinity Pharmacy including a Registered Pharmacist.

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Education Facilities Inspections

Education facilities inspection Twelve Archdiocesan Education facilities were inspected using Quality Improvement Assessment tool. These were: – Precious Blood Girls Secondary school, Henry Gogarty Memorial Secondary school,


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